Best Foods to Eat Before Sex

Foods that Produce Better Sex

Do Certain Foods Encourage Sex?

Most people are fans of the sexual act. However, sometimes their brains or organs don’t match that excitement. And while some are looking for the next big adrenaline rush in hopes of increasing sexual desire, the best choice just might be a really good and relaxing picnic in the backyard.

According to Dana Leigh Smith from Eat This Not That, recent scientific studies suggest that people are a lot more interested in making googly eyes or better after they have partaken in a good meal.

When used correctly, food can be a powerful thing and since we all need to eat, it only make sense to improve one’s eating habits in order to improve one’s bedtime romp.

“By increasing blood flow and energy levels, the healthy weight loss foods below will heighten your arousal, sex drive, and pleasure—so much so that you may even want to go for a second round!” says Smith. (Eat This Not That)

So raise a toast of red wine and get a pen and paper out to make up a grocery store list with the following ingredients:


Avocados are not only great in Mexican dishes, but they are also champions for male sexual health. Besides the fact that the Aztec’s name for avocado (ahucatl) actually means testicle, avocados were also seen as a superpower able to incite sexual passion.

Avocados are filled with plenty of vitamin E, vitamin B-6, potassium and monounsaturated oleic acid. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to widen blood vessels which just might lower one’s risk of cardiovascular disease as well as sperm DNA damage. Vitamin B-6 is good for keeping things in balance in one’s nervous system. Potassium is great for revving up one’s libido and providing much needed energy. Finally, monounsaturated oleic acid aids in circulation making one’s heart happy as well.


Who knew that beets could be useful in the bedroom? The dark red root vegetable contains tryptophan and betaine, which are known for helping to create positive feelings. Beets also contain boron, which helps to increase sex hormones in the body.


This one is a no-brainer and has been linked to romance for hundreds of years. But unfortunately, not all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate is definitely a lot more powerful than milk chocolate. Researchers have found that the phenethylamine and tryptophan that dark chocolate contains builds up serotonin in one’s brain and is thought to help people fall in love. Chocolate also contains methylxanthines (that may activate the libido) and flavonoids (which are good for reducing stress). Feel free to mix and match dark chocolate with any of the other items on this list – except for maybe oysters.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides which can be turned into instant energy for one’s body to use and who couldn’t use more energy in the bedroom? Just don’t use that as an excuse for not going to the gym.


While coffee breath is not sexy, coffee itself can be. First, coffee is a natural stimulant which not only gets the blood flowing figuratively, it also do so literally. The caffeine in the coffee can also increase stamina.

To get the most bang out of one’s cup of Joe, consider whipping up a batch of “sex coffee.” This concoction mixes the natural stimulant of coffee with other known aphrodisiacs for a delicious and satisfying beverage. The recipe calls for one cup of coffee, one tablespoon of ground raw cacao, two tablespoons of coconut milk, one tablespoon of honey, one-half teaspoon of ground cinnamon and one teaspoon of ground maca root. Whip up and enjoy. (

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have a reputation for being a superfood, which is one that is nutrient-rich and goes above and beyond its job of keeping people healthy because of its antioxidant properties. Flax seeds also have a reputation for helping increase blood flow to the male and female sex organs. They can contain lignans, which is a polyphenolic compound that help fight off the bad stuff. They are antiviral, antibacterial and have anticancer properties.

Flax seeds contain a good source omega-3 fatty acids (which can help one’s cardiovascular health and is good for one’s libido) and L-arginine (an amino acid that will keep one’s sperm healthy and happy).

To get the best benefits of eating flax seeds, choose ground flax seeds instead of whole. Some experts believe that flax seeds that are ground up become digested that much more easily allowing the body to absorb more of their rich nutrients. In fact, they also believe the body is better served by consuming ground flax seeds instead of flax seed oil.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in catechins which are compounds that are good for boosting sexual desire by once again, increasing blood flow down below. Catechins make blood vessel cells release nitric oxide making those blood vessels bigger and when blood vessels get bigger, so do other things.


Nuts of all kinds are rich in zinc (a known libido booster) and omega-3 which increases dopamine causing a positive sexual response. (Dopamine is an organic chemical that not only works as a hormone, but also moonlights as a neurotransmitter.)


Already known as an aphrodisiac, oysters are good because they are rich in zinc which helps one’s body create testosterone and can help synthesize thyroid hormones which is important as they help keep one’s energy up.

“In addition to the zinc, hand feeding oysters… could be all you need to spice it up in the bedroom,” says Jami Harrison from Spoon University. (Spoon University)

Pomegranate Seeds

According to Janet Brito, an AASECT-certified sex therapist, pomegranate seeds are thought to relax blood vessels which in turn helps increase blood flow to the brain as well as the heart. Pomegranate seeds are also known for being rich in polyphenols, which are compounds known for decreasing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

“If polyphenols help increase blood to these parts, why not to other parts below the waistline, too,” asks Brito.

In fact, a recent study (albeit a small one) seems to suggest that drinking pomegranate juice may help in the area of erectile dysfunction. The juice also lowered cortisol levels which in turn help to increase testosterone.

Pumpkin Seeds

Consider pumpkin seeds as little potent packets of goodness as they are full of zinc, magnesium and lots of omega-3 fatty acids. This trio is good for improving gynecological and prostate health not to mention reducing inflammation. Pumpkin seeds also contain antioxidative, antihypertensive, and cardioprotective nutrients, which are all bonuses for improving sexual health.

Red Wine

This vino has been known to not only help to keep one calm, but studies suggest that women who drank one or two glasses of red wine were more excited to have sex compared to the women who didn’t abide in the stuff. Red wine features antioxidants that can trigger nitric oxide production relaxing the walls of the arteries.

However, there is a dark side here. Drinking more than two glasses of red wine can actually have the put a damper on one’s performance, which is the opposite effect one is usually looking for.


Another food known for increasing blood flow to the nether regions, spinach is rich in magnesium which also decreases inflammation. This leafy green is also good in suppressing one’s appetite, so eating a spinach salad during a hot date could help one not feel so bloated later on.


This one is right up there with oysters as being a known aphrodisiac or at least people tend to think they are. They are often tied to Valentine’s Day celebrations and they have a history for once being known as a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. In the modern world, strawberries can be sexy because they are rich in vitamin C and contain plenty of antioxidants which provide good circulation and have been linked to providing a higher sperm count.


While spitting watermelon seeds doesn’t generally get one in the mood, the fruit itself sure can. It contains citrulline, an amino acid which can make the act of lovemaking feel better says Jamil Abdur-Rahman, M.D.

“It’s potentially beneficial during sexual activity because it helps increase nitric oxide, a substance that helps blood vessels dilate to promote blood flow,” says Abdur-Rahman. This makes sense since the increased blood flow will help with vaginal lubrication and clitoral sensitivity. (Self)

A Final Word

Don’t just eat the right foods just before you hit the sheets. Make these foods a normal part of your daily meal plan to feel the best all of the time.


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