Does Coffee Make You More Sexually Active

Is coffee good for sex drive?

Does drinking coffee help with better sex?

Dr. Roshini Raj was once asked, “I read somewhere that caffeine can dampen sex drive. True?” Fortunately, that good doctor had only nice things to say about coffee and other caffeinated drinks.

“Worry not, java lovers! This is mostly a myth,” said Raj. The doctor explains that there was a report stated that coffee could change blood sugar levels which in turn would put stress on one’s adrenal grands and then would put a damper on the hormones that worked with the sex drive. However, it was revealed that the report focused on people with type 2 diabetes where caffeine can raise blood sugar slightly. However, it is unlikely that it would have the same effect on the libido of healthy people. In fact, he also referred to another study that was performed on female rats which proved to make them more interested in sex. Of course, rats probably don’t need much motivation (

Java is Sexy
Coffee can be good for one’s sex life for a number of reasons. For one, a recent survey found that a first date at Starbucks was a popular choice. It’s less expensive and awkward than a dinner date and some people consider coffee an aphrodisiac. But warns that men are more sensitive to caffeine than women and recommends that guys might want to consider consuming decaf (which also creates an enhanced level of alertness) for those who want to get a handle on the first-date jitters (

Caffeine can certainly get one revved up. It is a stimulate and effects all of one’s body’s organs and tissues at the same time. It can raise the adrenaline levels in the blood and can stimulate the brain, the heart as well as the sexual organs. And since the clitoris and penis are filled with blood vessels, the increased blood flood can enhance sexual pleasure and performance.

In one study, elderly women found a much higher rate of sexual activity with just one cup of coffee a day and elderly men found that they had a higher potency rate as well (

Recipes for Better Coffee and Sex
Sometimes it is what you add to one’s coffee that can spice things up in the bedroom – like literal spices. One recipe states that a mixture of a quarter teaspoon of milled cardamom, a quarter teaspoon of milled cinnamon and a drop or two of vanilla makes “the perfect tool for potency and sexual desire” ( also recently featured a recipe for “sex coffee” that can make a world of difference for some couples by incorporating five superfoods and blending them into a unique and powerful latte. The recipe calls for 2/3 cups hot coffee, one tablespoon raw cacao, two tablespoons coconut milk, one tablespoon honey, a half teaspoon cinnamon and one teaspoon maca. Whip all of the ingredients with a hand blender and serve right away (

“So, if you have gotten into the habit of taking a nap instead of having sex, maybe coffee is your answer,” says Chris Arnold, author of the article “Sex and Coffee. “Just make sure to brush your teeth after that triple shot. We all know coffee breath is not very sexy” (

Words of Caution
Back to to Dr. Raj, he says that different people react differently to caffeine, so it isn’t impossible for coffee to effect one’s sex drive in a negative way. If one suspects that coffee is taking the fun out of sex, then one should back off of the java to see if that makes a difference.







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