Is Green Coffee Bean a Good Stimulant

Can Green Coffee Bean Be Used As a Stimulant?

Green Coffee Bean As An Effective Stimulant?

Coffee in general, is already known and accepted as a stimulant. It helps the brain to focus and releases neurotransmitters that block adenosine receptors which increases sleepiness throughout the day. But what is green coffee, and can it be consumed and utilized as a good stimulant as well? Green coffee beans are the coffee beans that have not been roasted yet to become the popularly known coffee bean. The green beans go through an extraction process pulling the caffeine from the bean including chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid slows the glucose into the bloodstream after meals. Once these two components are extracted from the green bean, they are put into pill form, creating a supplement (

The Main Ingredient

When looking up the word in the dictionary, stimulant is defined as being a substance that raises levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body. The mass majority of coffee drinkers drink coffee precisely for those benefits. The first time an individual drinks coffee, they may be put off by the strong and sometimes bitter taste. Possibly even wondering why anyone would drink it in the first place! Over time, the individual will see the effects of the caffeine on their body and brain and decide it’s not that bad of a drink after all and find ways to doctor it and make it a more favorable tasting drink. But what if all the stuff in the almighty coffee bean could be extracted and put into pill form, eliminating the necessity of drinking the brown brew of coffee? That’s where green coffee bean extract comes in.

Green coffee bean extract is typically consumed in supplement form containing caffeine and high levels of chlorogenic acid. When a green coffee bean is roasted, it loses a great deal of the chlorogenic acid. This acid is responsible for slowing down glucose in the bloodstream. It is believed that the higher concentration levels of chlorogenic acid aid in absorbing carbohydrates from the digestive tract lowering blood sugars ( This in turn can reduce body weight. A reduction in body weight can then result in improved energy, stimulating the body. Green coffee bean extract is primarily linked to weight loss.

As with any type of supplements, speaking with a medical professional before starting is strongly recommended. It is important to remember that green coffee bean extract absolutely does contain caffeine and by consuming large amounts of caffeine, one runs the risk of falling victim to side effects such as headache, upset stomach and even anxiety ( Anyone that is already facing conditions such as glaucoma, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), osteoporosis or a bleeding disorder should consider other options. A medical professional would be able to better recommend a safe option, which may still include the green coffee bean extract, just in lower dosages.

When the word “green” is added to food or beverages, it is usually thought to be organic or considered healthier. It is not surprising that green coffee bean has become popular with health awareness becoming more widespread. Though “green” is in its name, green coffee beans are nothing more than an unroasted coffee bean. When the cherry is pruned from the coffee plant and the seed (bean) within is removed, it is a green coffee bean. When the bean is roasted, much is lost during the process including the majority of the chlorogenic acid. Though during the process of extraction of the green coffee bean to create green coffee bean extract caffeine is extracted as well, caffeine is not the focus. The goal is to eradicate the chlorogenic acid.

When comparing the amount of caffeine in green coffee versus a typical cup of coffee, green coffee contains approximately 20 mg of caffeine whereas the same amount of regular coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine ( The extract does not provide large doses of caffeine as the goal is consuming the chlorogenic acid, however most individuals that are taking the supplements are looking to lose weight. One supplement is probably not all that is consumed per day. Most folks are likely to consume multiple supplements throughout the day, resulting in more caffeine than is typically consumed. If they are also drinking regular coffee while taking the supplements, they are creating a recipe for disaster.

Breaking It Down

Green coffee beans and green coffee bean extract are considered a stimulant due to the high quantities of chlorogenic acid contained. The acid aids in slowing down glucose in the bloodstream and absorbs carbohydrates, preventing fat to cling to the gut. It is a great weight loss aid, and by losing weight in turn an individual will likely become more energized. Continuing down this line of thought, the desired outcome of exercise is more likely and continued weight loss will be achieved. Always consider the side effects when starting a new regime and consult a medical professional.


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