List of Natural Pills and Plants that Promote Peaceful Sleep

Provided by Nature

Most People Could Use Better Quality Sleep

Ask someone “How are you?” and most often the response will be “I’m tired.” It’s a fact. We humans do not get enough sleep despite how many medical warnings we receive about the importance of good sleeping habits. But before you reach for your favorite sleeping pill, consider that perhaps all you really need for improved sleep is a little natural encouragement.

For some, it will come as a shock as to just how many natural sleep products are growing right around them. Many are good at cleaning the air, others are good for relaxing and others will downright make one sleepy. While none are as strong as the poppies seen from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, many do pack a punch. Here are some of the best to try tonight:

Plants that Clean the Air

These plants not only look nice, but help to promote good sleep. As long as they get watered and plenty of sunlight during the day, this is a win-win solution.

Aloe Vera

Yes, that same goo that can help take away a sunburn can serve as a great air filter. An aloe vera plant releases oxygen during the night which helps to clean the air and in turn, helps one breathe easier when they are asleep.

Areca Palm

Those who suffer from sinus issues may want to decorate their bedroom with a few areca palm plants. Those large leaves sort of perform like a humidifier and it will purify various toxins in the air as well.

Bamboo Palm

Another large leaf plant, the bamboo palm tree will purify the air in the room and will give one’s bedroom a tropical feel. They might even convince one that they are on vacation, and how can one not sleep well while on vacation?


Another tropical plant, bromeliad is good for cleansing the air around you by taking in carbon dioxide during the sunlight hours and releasing oxygen during the nighttime.

Chinese Evergreen

People whose thumbs are not entirely green will appreciate the Chinese evergreen plant. It is known to be an “independent” plant so it isn’t too fussy about its water or sunlight intake. It’s hearty. But it also does a good job of cleaning the air.

Golden Pothos

Another low-maintenance plant is the golden pothos which is wonderful at removing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde (which can be found in items such as grocery bags, facial tissue, paper towels and some cleaners) from the air. It also serves as a good hanging plant too.


Yes, that same plant that you purchased for your date during your high school prom is a good sleep-promoter. It, too, takes away the harmful carbon dioxide around one and trades it for helpful oxygen. An added benefit is waking up to a flowering plant in the morning.

Snake Plant

Though the snake plant sounds unpleasant, even NASA has been impressed with their ability to clean the air from formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene.

Spider Plant

With an equally disturbing name, the spider plant is sort of like nature’s vacuum sucking in unwanted odors, fumes and toxins from the air while also increasing good oxygen around the room.

field of lavender plants during a cloudy dusk

Plants That Can Help One Relax

These plants have been used as ingredients to teas for many years and smell wonderful


Featured as a scent for many candles and perfumes, Jasmine has been shown that its scent is also good for reducing anxiety, making it easier for one to fall asleep and stay asleep.


This one might be the most obvious as the plant has been used many times as a relaxing aid from everything from baby shampoo to the pillows we sleep on. It is unique I that the smell of lavender can help people stay alert during the day but will also help one get drowsy at night. Some people swearing by taking in big whiffs of the plant or lavender oil before shut-eye to help them experience a deeper sleep. Some studies have shown that the plant may be just as effective at regular sleep medications but with fewer side effects. Lavender is available in supplement form, but it has been linked to nausea and stomach pain for some individuals.


Some studies have shown that gardenia can be a good substitute for sleeping pills like Valium. Another suggested that a room decorated with fresh gardenia flowers will help one sleep through the night more easily. It is also especially good for one fighting insomnia.

Passion Flower

While sounding like a plant that might keep you up at night with its bright, colorful blooms, the passion flower has been shown in some studies to better than the anxiety-relieving drug, Oxazepam. It’s also good at fighting off insomnia too. Passion flower is also available in tea and supplement form, but tests tend to show that the plant wasn’t as affective for promotion of sleep.


The valerian plant is fragrant enough that its scent is powerful enough to help one fall asleep and stay asleep. The root of the plant is used by many as an effective sleep aid. However, the supplement is not recommended being used by pregnant or lactating women.

natural melatonin supplements and sleep eye cover next to a bottle

Other Natural Sleep Aids

While these are not available in plant form, you will find them on shelves of your local pharmacy.


This is a hormone that our bodies produce naturally which triggers the brain that it’s time to sleep. Levels of the hormone rise during the evening and lower during the day. However, some people don’t produce enough of the stuff and the supplements are a welcomed addition.


The mineral magnesium is good for one’s brain and heart health. Studies have shown that people with lower levels of magnesium often complain of not getting enough sleep. Taking in additional magnesium supplement can help the body and mind to shut down at nighttime.


Known as an important amino acid for the health of the nervous system, studies are now showing that it can also be helpful for improving sleep.

The Bottom Line

No matter how good or effective these natural products are, they are no substitute for good sleeping habits and people will see the maximum effects when taken in conjunction with these good habits.


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