The Fastest Natural Migraine Remedies

Natural Migraine Remedies That Work Fast

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The Difference between a Headache and a Migraine

Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows it is not your everyday headache. A headache can typically be treated with a nap or a glass of water with an over the counter pill. A migraine is much more serious, much more painful and not as easily fought off. While suffering a migraine, one may experience nausea, pain during movement, and such an extreme sensitivity to light that just the power light on a television may cause debilitating pain. The pain may be so severe, regardless of anything a person may try to relieve the pain. Before risking additional pain and suffering resulting from experimenting with unknown or even untested drugs, consider trying some of these natural remedies.

Diet, Oils, and Yoga

When talking to a medical professional, general practitioner, or even a neurologist about how to alleviate or even possibly eliminating migraines, the first thing they may recommend is changing your diet. Some foods to avoid for those who suffer from this ailment are nitrates such as those found in hotdogs and deli meats, chocolate, alcohol [especially red wines], pickles or pickled foods, processed foods, and foods that contain monosodium glutamate (MSG). Simply cutting these foods out of any person’s diet may cut back on the number of headaches that person may have; And this also means many less migraines! Another great edible defense against migraines includes magnesium enriched foods such as almonds, sesame seeds, oatmeal and eggs in meals.

Lavender oil has been found to have profound effects in treating migraines. Aside from its soothing smell, it is also a mood stabilizer, sedative and wound healing accelerator ( Lavender oils may be used in a diffuser, rubbed on the inner wrist and/or temples. Including a few drops in a bath may also aid in reducing a migraine. Relaxing in a bath with this oil will do wonders for relaxation!

Another oil to try would be peppermint oil. The menthol in the oil may stop a migraine from coming on. Many migraine suffers know the signs to watch for, so acting quickly by placing a few drops on the temple or forehead may be the difference of being laid out for the day in a dark room with no light and movement, or going about your day as was planned when waking up in the morning.

Basil, believe it or not has benefits aside from making Italian dishes taste better! The oil from the basil leaves is known to be beneficial for many maladies such as poor digestion, nausea, insomnia, kidney issues and even migraines. So not only does this herb serve as a tasty ingredient, it also serves as a natural remedy for many conditions so many suffer from.

For women who have been pregnant, generation after generation has been told to take ginger. In more recent times, ginger drops may be found in most pharmacies or maternity stores. The ginger reduces nausea and vomiting. The same is true for migraine sufferers. Though rather than a ginger pop, digesting ginger powder may decrease the severity of a migraine (

Yoga greatly reduces headaches, body aches and migraines

If all else fails, sign up for a yoga class. Most gyms offer classes for the beginner right up to expert. Yoga has many benefits for the young and old. Stretching the body, muscles, and mind may be just what is needed to relax the mind enough to ease the migraine. Yoga teaches not only how to pose in countless positions, it also uses breathing and meditation. Many people are hesitant to try yoga for fear of the awkward positions that are shown in commercials and on television. As a beginner, the positions used will result in relaxation and possibly even relief of pain in joints and even mental health. Although yoga is not necessarily for everyone, it’s worth a try for anyone that suffers from migraines.

Use What Works

There are those that suffer from migraines that are not willing to try natural remedies. Nearly everyone has a family member or friend who swears by the use of certain herbs or oils to treat injuries or ailments. In this modern age, people want to see quick results and are not willing to risk a natural remedy failing to work. However, there are still some natural remedies which are extremely reliable. The above remedies have been used throughout many generations. Each of the options mentioned will work very well for a migraine. If a prescription pill or over the counter medicine is used, but some of the side-affects still remain such as the nausea, try natural remedy!

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