Most Exotic Coffee Drinks You Can Make At Home

Exotic Coffee Brought Home

Imagine, walking into a café and inhaling the aromatic scents of every and any type of coffee-based beverage imaginable. In South America or Europe, it is one thing to go to those areas and experience the amazing tastes of their influence on the beverage, it is a whole other story trying to copy those recipes back at home. The ingredients may not be easily available or expensive at specialty stores. The tools they use to make those steamy cups of heaven are probably not in the normal household. But maybe, just maybe it can be done.

Coffee In Any Country

It is not abnormal to walk into a café in a country outside the United States and be presented with the option of ordering a coffee laced with a favorite alcoholic shot. It can happen in the United States as well, but it isn’t as common. Most have heard the side remarks about the Irish enjoying their adult beverages. To be fair, most countries do, it’s just more prevalent in certain countries, such as Ireland. And why not add it to a cup of coffee?

Irish coffee is a simple beverage to make. All that is needed is the typical coffee machine and a mason jar. Brew a dark roast favorite, and in the mason jar add ½ cup of half and half and shake it up good. The air makes the cream lighter and adds some volume. Next pour 1 ½ ounces of Jameson Irish Whiskey into a mug, add the coffee and top it off with the shaken cream ( Remember that this is a recipe to make at home, so don’t go out driving after having one of these!

Swinging over to Vietnam, a favorite coffee beverage enjoyed there is Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Vietnamese Iced Coffee is a strong drink and only requires a coffee pot and some mugs and tall glasses with long handled spoons for the tools. The ingredients include a dark roast ground coffee, sweetened condensed milk and some ice. Brew the coffee as normal. While waiting for the coffee to brew, add 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk to the mug. Add 1 cup of coffee to the cup and stir to dissolve the milk. Pour the hot coffee into a tall glass with about 4 ice cubes already in it and stir once more using the long handled spoons ( Sip and enjoy!

China doesn’t want to be left out of the loop. A new sensation that has hit social media in the United States is the Rain Cloud Coffee, or Sweet Little Rain ( It doesn’t matter the name; it all is the same product that includes cotton candy. The tools needed are a coffee maker, a mug and a stand to hang that cloud of cotton candy over. Pour a cup of Americano coffee into a mug and hang a cloud of cotton candy not too far above the cup. The cafés in China use a tabletop holder, clipping a skewer to the end and impaling a large ball of cotton candy. As the steam rises from the hot coffee, the sugar begins to drip off the cloud, “raining” into the cup. Wait long enough and the cotton candy will begin to collect around the edge of the cup, reminiscent of the salt on the rim of a margarita glass!

Coffee in the United States

The U.S. is not without its own favorites. Though it may not seem exotic as compared to the previously mentioned coffee beverages, BulletProof Coffee hails from the U.S., specifically Dave Asprey out in Silicon Valley ( Asprey had been battling some health issues being an overweight man of almost 300 pounds. He’d been told by doctors that although he’d been exercising and dieting, he was at risk for a stroke or heart attack, and it was going to happen sooner rather than later. Shortly after being handed this sentence, Asprey visited Tibet in 2004 and was handed a cup of yak butter tea. He was amazed by how wonderful it made him feel and decided to do some research. He later came up with the BulletProof Coffee recipe that is quite popular today. The tools needed are a French Press and a blender. The ingredients are freshly ground coffee beans, Brain Octane Oil (one of Asprey’s creations, simply put it is all of the goodness from coconut oil minus the coconut residue.) and grass-fed unsalted butter or ghee. After running the coffee through the French Press, add a teaspoon of the Brain Octane Oil (or coconut oil!) and 1 to 2 tablespoons of the butter or ghee. Mix it all in the blender for about 20 to 30 seconds and enjoy this foamy beverage. Be prepared for a wake-up call to the system!

Exotic Coffee Made Easy

All around the world, countries are adding their own spin on coffee. One doesn’t have to travel the world to enjoy these exotic drinks. In some cases, the tools and ingredients aren’t found in the typical home. But the above four drinks are four that can be easily made in any home in America!


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