What Condoms Are Most Likely to Break During Sex?

What Are the Strongest Condoms For Sex?

How to Choose the Right Condom For Sex

There are many different types of condoms for sale at one’s local drug store. Knowing that condoms typically break about 2% of the time during sex, the choices can be overwhelming. How does one know which one is the safest? Which one break the least? As it turns out, all of them can be good choices depending on the circumstances.

“The best condom on the market is one that you use,” says Lauren Streicher, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University (Health.com). When condoms are used the correct way, they serve as a good barrier against STDs and are about 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. However, that is assuming that the couple doesn’t have any issues with the product during the act.

The Best Condoms to Use

If one can tolerate latex, a standard latex condom is the way to go as it is the most reliable in preventing pregnancy and the spreading of STDs. But if the condom causes itching or redness for either partner, it could mean that there is an allergy to latex. However, that may not be the only reason.

“Irritation could also be caused by other factors like lubricant or excessive dryness,” says Angela Chaudhari, MD, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University.

Lubricated condoms are the least likely to break or come off during sex. They are also more comfortable to wear than a dry condom. Other lubricants can be used with dry latex condoms, but one should only use water-based lubes as baby oil and coconut oil are culprits or breaking down condoms and making them break.

The most risky condom is also one that is used the least; the internal or female condom. When used properly, they are slightly less effective at preventing pregnancy (95%) but they have a failure rate of 21% which isn’t very good odds. Some couples have made the mistake of using both a female condom and a regular male condom thinking that it would serve as double protection, but in reality, the friction caused from the rubbing of two condoms will increase the threat of breakage.

How to Ruin a Good Condom

One of the most common reasons that a condom will break is that it has passed its expiration date printed on the package. Another reason is when one purchases a condom that is too small which will cause more friction than another better-fitting one. Also, condoms need to be stored in cool, dry place. Leaving one in a wallet or the glove compartment of a car where they are likely to be get hot will make them more brittle.

Conclusion: The Best Advice

Couples should not be in a rush to put on a condom just because the mood might pass. Condoms can tear due to teeth or fingernail cuts while opening the package. Also, if not put on properly, they can slip right off which defeats the whole purpose of using them.


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